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Conditioned spiritual herbal bath, Money bath, self love bath protection bath hex removal bath road opener bath lovers bath ancestral bath***

Would you like to bring prosperity into your life? Maybe your heart needs healing and a bit of relief from heartbreak, loss, and grief. Perhaps you'd like to enhance your psychic connection for energy or dream work. Do you want to increase your self-love or confidence prior to an interview, presentation or for a meeting with your boss to ask for a raise? Would you like to increase creativity for the book or article you are writing? Increase your attraction and fertility when it comes to manifesting, love, or beauty? Protection from evil eye,Hexes, Or Money Blockages?


These customizable spritual bath soaks are produced with your specfic intentions in mind. Created with a blend of dead sea salt and/or pink himilayin sea salt, organic herbs and essential oils to align with the intentions you'd like to bring into your life. Cleanse and detox your body and aura while adding soothing nutrients that leave your skin nourished and glowing, your spirit lit with positive vibes and your own intentions amplified.

Baths Are Customized To Your Needs Please Put What Type Of Bath Your Needing In The Notes.. Thank You!

Spiritual Bath

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