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“I purchased a Fertility New Moon Ritual back in January 2021. My wife became pregnant and is now 8 weeks. We are both thrilled about this. We have been trying for 10 years and it finally happened. Also, each reading that I have gotten from Brenae has been very accurate. She’s courteous, prompt, and doesn’t rush you. I’m so glad that I found Brenae’s channel right after Nip passed away. I’ve been apart of the Breehive for two years now. Trust me when I say, you won’t be disappointed.


“Every reading that I ever got from Bre was always positive and accurate. I would definitely recommend her as a reader and influencer on YouTube. I’ve learned a lot just from her channel as well.


“I have been a big follower of Brenae since 2018. Her talent is beyond extraordinary and her services are always exceptional. She provides great guidance and accurate details. I would recommend her to anyone that seeks spiritual growth and advice. She is big on respect so all who gives receives abundantly.


“Been with Bre from the beginning. Have had several readings and products. Absolutely satisfied and love the fact that she's relatable and growing in her journey. I plan on and look forward to her insights. Be blessed 🙌.


“Brenae is honestly the best spiritual advisor I could have asked for. She has provided me with ACCURATE guidance and predictions all the way down to a traffic ticket! Keep thriving and growing Bre, you are the absolute truth and no one can take that from you! 💙”


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